Private One hour or ½ hour Reading and or Healing, Intuitive or Medium Session Includes: 

  1. Have your questions ready of what you want to know or what you want to worked on or just let source show me what the most import things that need to be taken care of. All work can be done in person or by phone, and Long Distance.
  2. LynMarie is able to clear and heal through all time and space and all dimensions from the point of creation to present simultaneously.  Leaving you feeling lighter and happier. This work also heals for your family and ancestors during this process, just from you session. LynMarie also brings in your lessons and experiences while clearing out your old Karma, Contracts so you are done repeating them.
  3. If you are need of healing work it is recommend to, do the hour session.
  4. Individual results vary do variables of your life from past to present.  Many things can be cleared up in one session with great results. Some may take a few sessions because of multiple issues, some are intertwined tightly.  Please let me know if this is the case. I can recommend what will be best for you.
  5. Everything is just energy and it can be changed, including your thinking of the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious mind.
  6. Your work will be completed in present moment in the body and changed on a cellar structure over a sleep cycle. This work can dehydrate you so it is recommended to drink plenty of water before a session and after for the next 3 days as integration is taking place. This is a powerful healing work directly from the Creator of all that is. Sometimes the integration process takes longer, everyone is different.
  7. If you have chosen to have medium work done. LynMarie requires that you have the first and last name of person or persons you want to contact and location so she can locate them.  You must have you questions ready, or what info orwhat subjects of information that you wanting to receive from them. LynMarie will do special healing process for yourself and person you asking about – LynMarie is able to reconnect your heart energy and fill you with love from person who has passes and releases the grief, sorrow and sadness. This fills the empty ness in the heart and heals it. LynMarie is able to bring in their presence and have them touch you with their energy so you will know they are around you. I am able to get info and symbols of they are sending you, so you will know it is them trying to get your attention and much more.
  8. Intuitive work – Have your questions ready before the session, as I receive all information from the Infinite creator of all that is. This information comes as you speak very fast as I receive the information right from the Infinite Creator. This information is very accurate and coming from the 12 plane of existence. ( Most others receive there information from the 5th plane which is not always of 100% truth). When I am the channel of this information it comes fast and I don’talways remember what has been said so have paper and pen for your own notes in this session. If you want information of the future this must be done at the first part of the session or in another session after words. Note: if healing work is done the future has already changed for you in another time and space. Future information is not set in stone as we all have free will to change everything.
  9. Note: We are Co-Creators in everything we see or have in our lives every day.  Are you asking yourself why have I created this? What did I need to learn and experience this for? How does this serve me? Every word thought action that you’re thinking consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly is creating your reality that you are in right now!  You didn’t create everything you are experiencing overnight there for it sometimes it takes more than one session to un-create it.

Some of Basic Subjects – All subjects welcome.

Healing: Emotional, Health, Financial and Relationship Issues, Business Issues – creating the best possible outcomes for you.

Changing Negative beliefs, Repetitive patterns, Negative habits that no longer serves you.

Clearing Financial Issues, Relationship Issues, Soul Mate, Partners, blocks, problems thus creating a better out for all.

Changing Beliefs systems, Programs in the Conscious &Subconscious & Unconscious Mind.

Clearing the Past, Present, Future

Raising the Vibration of the mind, body, soul and material objects.

Manifest a Better Life, Job, Relationship, Abundance

Contact Family or Friends or Love one’s who have passed on.

Spiritual Counseling

DNA Programming & Reprogramming

DNA and Codes Activations: Downloads for Ascension & Spiritual Gifts.

Detoxification & Purification of the Mind, Body, Soul, Etheric body, light body

Readings of: Akashic Records and All other Records are a viable to read- LynMarie has access to all of them.

Past live healing and information

Animal Healing, Animal Communication and of those who have passed on.

House Clearing with Anchoring in of New energy of Infinite Rays Creation and Infinite Harmonics, and Sealed with Platinum Light

Clearing of Entity or multi-dimensional attachments for you, homes, property – these things will drain you of your energy, make you feel bad about self.

Are have trouble with dark energy, or entities – will only be discussed with person to person biases. Work can be done. There is a must be clarity and understand of what is going on and what is your responsibility, after work is completed. 2 hours long.

Ascension Work – past, present or future. ***Sign in to learn more about this and receive recorded info on this  —


The information provided on this website and in LynMarie8 with a Theta Healing®  Sessions, Theta Healing® Courses/Trainings, Healing Sessions, and Workshops, inclusive of all modalities should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care and is not intended to interfere with or replace medical treatment of a licensed medical practitioner. It is given for education and to aid healing in a spiritual and complementary way. Individual Results vary as well as individual outcome of session as everyone is different.

Private One hour Channeled Reading and or healing Session with the Council of Light:  Have your questions ready of what you want to know or what you want to worked on or let source show me. All work can be done in person or By phone, and Long Distance. This will be recorded and sent to you after the session.

Have your questions ready of what you want to know or what you want to worked on or let source show me. All work can be done in person or by phone, and Long Distance. This will be recorded and sent to you after the session

Contact for a session and cost.

Group: two hour Channeled Reading and Healing Session with the Council of Light:  Book you group must have min 6 – local only.  Contact for a session and cost.

Have your questions ready of what you want to know or what you want to worked on or let source show me. All work can be done in person This will be recorded and sent to you after the session

Who are The Council of Light Beings?

The Council of Light are a beautiful array of  Ascended Beings who have worked closely with humanity throughout history, conveying their love through spiritual teachers in order to more fully anchor on earth the hope for harmony that we carry in our hearts.   We are delighted to facilitate this work through LynMarie with The Council of Light.

Since the Harmonic Convergence, the Council has assisted many with spiritual interests in becoming more adept and powerful co-creators of our reality.  Now, as energies on earth shift in alignment with Ascension, they wish to offer us more profound guidance, a more harmonious and clarified emotional body, and direct energetic infusions to refine our subtle body frequencies.

Each Initiation offers you a lovely and deeply transforming experience, where you’re physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies integrate the highest vibrations of that particular Council’s energies. Their simple, direct, and offer healing and information for you that is deeply profound. As you integrate the Ascension vibrations unique to each of the light Council, you are presented with an opportunity for greater potential, a powerful sense of well-being, and a clearer sense of your purpose. What you seek and what you are able to co-create begin to align!

Working with the Council of light, you will become aware of that which seeks healing and balance in your life.  You will carry more light, and enjoy more profound experiences of Oneness with All.  Love and alignment can bring balance to all beings on Earth, and our work with The Council is carried out with this pristine intention.

Council of Light’s Commitment is to:

Through our willingness work through LynMarie to assist you in this personal experience and transformation by bring forth the energies from The Councils of Light; we are committed to humanity’s consciousness evolution in its search for Oneness, and to the creation of the New Celestial Earth, while doing this in the highest and purest way.


Custom Packages with multiple sessions: These will be tailor to what you needs are:  schedule free 15 min consultation.  The cost of packages will reflect savings over personal session and gird to specific out come your looking for.

*Improve your business with clearing your blocks or conflicts with your business and associates within and without. Creating more abundance, more clarity. Need in site on an opportunity.

*Improve your life, of yourself, are you self-sabotaging, self-doubting several repeating themes

Lack of Abundance, relationship with self and others, unable to love self and others

*Improve Financial Abundance. What are your repetitive themes, do you seen them in your   ancestors.